Our purpose is to facilitate and implement the raising of individual self-esteem.

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We are offering our curriculum to all those who are interested in participating, free of charge.


We invite you to enjoy our True Stories and hope that they teach as well as entertain.


Since 1981 La Belle Foundation created the projects listed and facilitated their performance.

About Us

We bring the teaching of self-esteem, self-development, personal & social responsibility to public school students.




For those who follow our site regularly, the most recent additions are placed here:



The course material used to train the models and actors was created and enhanced through the years and became what we now call a curriculum for the development of self-esteem. Models and talent must go through interviews before each job they receive. Therefore they have to understand and accept rejection as part of their professional life. The ability to understand this and use rejection as training rather than as a put down and loss is mandatory.

This curriculum is given on the site at no charge along with photos of the facility we used, our staff, before and after shots of students, and of fashion shoots and fashion shows.

Although our photos are from the years my school and agency was open, the training is everlasting. The need for self-esteem exists in all professions as well as in our private lives.  Use it as you please and share what you learn with others.

Betty Hatch