An Invitation to Review Our Curriculum

buy a heart lyrics image_tracy-toon-thb When our curriculum was written in the 1960’s, the words “self-esteem” were not in general usage. Instead, we used such words as good grooming, confidence, poise and self-development to describe our training. In that the training was initially created for future models and talent, we began with the physical aspects and continued with the performance-the how-to of modeling and acting. Finally, when the students realized they were in charge of, and responsible for, their bodies and actions, we went into the personality aspects of being professional. So even before Self-Esteem was coined, we knew we were making big changes in the lives of our students. Most were taking our training to feel better about themselves. Those who found they liked the profession of modeling and/or acting continued in their training, getting experience, building their portfolios and cards and then seeking representation in metropolitan cities all over the world.

During our 28 years in business, thousands of men, women and children took our training and continued their lives as responsible citizens in all kinds of other professions. Hundreds went into careers in fashion, acting, photography, design, make-up and other related professions. Many became successful international models and actors. You will recognize many of those on our site. All were trained at La Belle in Santa Barbara, California.

watch We are offering our curriculum to all those who are interested free of charge. Through La Belle Foundation we are assisting people all over the world in raising their self-esteem. It is taking us years to place all of the lessons on our site (started in 1995).We plan to continue our additions and up-dates for the next 20 years! We hope you will stay with us and watch us grow…

Our Curriculum

“The Free Way to Self-Esteem”