WOW! Walkers on Watch

purchase Lyrica Exercising is easier for me when I have a support group. After hurting my rotator cuff during weight training, I needed to replace that exercise and my yoga classes too. I found a neighbor who said she would walk with me three days a week from 7:30am to 9:00am. As my husband, Stan, and other friends and neighbors heard about our exercise routine, walkers began to join us. Some walk to our home and others drive and park their cars during the walk. During our initial walks we began to notice lovely home entrances; beautiful flower gardens, carefully pruned trees, charming seasonal decorations and attractive homes. We found ourselves wanting to knock on doors to thank the home owners for creating such beauty for us to enjoy.

Then I decided it was time to give a WOW Award (Walkers on Watch). I drew an artistic five point star, wrote on the upper half, “The WOW Award from Walkers on Watch for ______________________, “You are Worthy of Winning” and put the date on the lower left point with “WOW!” adjacent on the right point. Then I printed them on card stock and laminated them. I found some stick on magnets and placed them on the back so the awards could be put on refrigerators or magnetized bulletin boards.

Just for an added touch, I glued a small wooden star that I had found in an arts and craft store on each award on the top point. With one star in hand for each walk, the walkers decide which home gets the award that day and what we particularly like about the home. The blank is filled in with an indelible ink pen and the star is attached to the mail box.

One day a woman stopped us, having noticed the star in my hand, and with a huge smile and sparkling eyes, exclaimed, “I found you! You are Walkers on Watch. I’ve been stopping everyone walking since you gave me my star to thank you.” We were very excited that our Award was being appreciated and now we look forward even more to sharing our gratitude with a small anonymous gift.

As the group grew, it became necessary to create some guidelines for the group to follow for safety and clarification. When people want to join us, I e-mail them the guidelines and they are up-to-speed, when they take their first walk with us.
We usually walk about 3 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So if you are in our area, join us!

This true story shows how each of us can take action to create what we need. By using our challenges as opportunities, we can create solutions to our needs and blessings for others. WOW supports our health, helps us to gain close friendships, to commune with nature and to appreciate our community.