Annual Update

  1. where can i buy metformin 500 mg LA BELLE completed its second year of Girls’ Inc. summer training, “Fun in the Sun,”  with a coed course. Teachers and staff selected the students; La Belle provided the equipment and Girls’ Inc. provided the course facilities.  La Belle donated its professional runways to La Colina, SB Jr. High Schools and SB Show Stoppers.
  2. see La Belle’s web site grew at an amazing speed.  Our hits for 2005 totaled over 600,000.  We have completed the up-grade of the over 500 page website. Our new site launched on January 1st of 2006 and our hits reached over 80,000 in that month with 75 countries using our site.  We receive requests to link with our site, to use our curriculum, to quote from our work.  Non-profits, businesses, schools and students use our curriculum.
  3. LA BELLE facilitated the Media Committee of Santa Barbara, which it founded jointly with 4 other organizations in 1993.  Its purpose was to assist the media in becoming a positive educator of the public.  The Media Committee acknowledged 65 individuals and their organizations since 1993 and had a membership of 25 to 30 during its 10 years.  We achieved our goal in 2003 of creating media alliances with diverse groups—Hispanic, youth, media literacy, media public relations, and continued relationships with leaders of our local press, radio and television stations.  Local media regularly follows our suggestions and requests.  In 2005 our contact with the media and our membership continued through our web site.
  4. The SB Council for Self-esteem provides lectures for the community on self-esteem. Begun in January 1986, the presentations evolved into a Chapter of the National Association for Self-Esteem. There were 4 motivational speakers in 2005 including: Thomas Tighe—CEO Direct Relief International, Joyce Dudley—SB Senior Deputy District Attorney, Paul Vercammen—News Director, 5 p.m. anchor for KEYT and Willa Young—President SB Council for Self-Esteem.
  5. LA BELLE professional speakers continue to be available when requested by the public schools to motivate and teach students subjects including goal setting, posture and carriage, grooming, organization, job interviews, communication, and etiquette.  Speeches are offered for the city schools, clubs, organizations, UCSB and churches.  Our speakers gave training and lectures to Imani, UCSB’s Delta Gamma Sorority, and Unity Church.
  6. La Belle created, organized and led weekly WOW Walks January through December of 2005.  Twenty-one people participated in exercising and networking while acknowledging home owners for the beauty they create that others can enjoy.  The WOW (Walkers’ on Watch) Award has been given to 90 residences since its inception.  It is featured on our site teaching other communities how to take care of their bodies through exercise and acknowledge their neighbors at the same time.
  7. LA BELLE continues the ABC (Attendance Bank Coordination) and “Schools’ Wish List” projects through training on our web site