National Association for Self Esteem

The idea for a National Council (original name) was formulated at the California Self Esteem Conference in San Jose, February 1986, during a discussion including Don Thomas, former superintendent of Salt Lake City Schools, Jack Canfield and Robert Reasoner. The Charter meeting was held at Antler, North Dakota in August with 18 members attending. Connie Dembrowsky was elected as the first President along with an Executive Board consisting of Charollene Coares, John Dewell, R. Smith Kiliper, Joan Lkankowitz, Robert Reasoner, and Don Thomas. Members of the Board, who have continued their association with NCSE to date, are Jack Canfield, Robert Reasoner, and Gail Dusa.

buy metformin for horses Conferences: The first National NCSE Conference was held in St. Louis, MO in 1987, with subsequent conferences in San Jose, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Baltimore, MD; Show Low, AZ; Albuquerque, NM; Orlando, FL; San Francisco, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Richmond, VA; and Honolulu, HI. Presidents: After Connie Dembrowsky’s term as President, Robert Reasoner became President in 1987. He was followed by Gail Dusa, Rich Revheim (1/1991 – 7/1991), Betty Hatch (7/1991 – 1/1994) Bob Moawad (1994 – 1996), Tom Myers (1997-1998), J. D. Hawkins (1999 – 2003) and Sharon Fountain (2003 to present).

follow NASE Now: Since our formation in 1986, we have been known as the National Council for Self Esteem. Due to the growth of our membership and chapters throughout the country, we changed our name in August of 1995 to the National Association for Self-Esteem. Our Board members are speakers, writers, business people, educators and trainers who are committed to the development of personal worth, responsibility and integrity in families, schools and the workplace.

Our Advisory Board Members include: Peggy Bielen, Jane Bluestein, Michele Borba, Nathaniel Branden, Jack Canfield, Jessica Fullmer, Stephen Glenn, Merrill Harmin, Suzanne Harrill, Betty Hatch, Ron Hulnick, Jean Kelley, Lulu Lopez, Tom Myers, Bob Reasoner, Sandi Redenbach, Elizabeth Sabo, Frances Shimotsu, Gloria Steinem, Honorary Member, David Tansey, John Vasconcellos, Danny Walker, Bradley Winch

NASE Administrative Assistant: Craig Schultz (800) 488-NASE